8 Tips for Rockin’ the ASHA 2014 Convention

8 tips for rockin the ASHA 2014 convention

There are less than 2 weeks until I am heading to ASHA.  I am so excited! There are only a few things that I truly geek out over but this is definitely one!  It will be the first time that I am attending as both an Exhibitor and a CEU earner so I am not just preparing for what courses I am going to hit but also how I will prepare for exhibiting.  There is SO much to think about but I have definitely learned a lot in my time spent preparing.  I thought I would share the love and give you my top 8 tips for getting prepared.  I hope you find them useful.

Let’s start with sessions.  After all, that is the reason that most of you are even attending, right?

  1.  Utilize the online program planner.   You can find the program planner here.

I have to say that ASHA had a great idea with developing this online program planner.  By either logging in to the ASHA website (if you are already registered) or registering on the ASHA website (if you are not), you can search for sessions that are of interest to you and put it together in an awesome itinerary that can be shared with others.  Instructions for utilizing the program planner can be found here.

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