Vendor of the Month




Speech Fairy is our Vendor of the Month.  We love our vendors and are so happy to be able to help support them in their product-making endeavors.  It takes a lot of time, effort, creativity and sometimes money to create these amazing products for everyone to enjoy!  This is one of the reasons why vendors greatly enjoy feedback.  It makes a vendors day to hear what you think of their products!

Take some time to get to know this awesome SLP!

What setting do you currently work in?

I am working in private practice full time.  I work primarily with preschool and school age children.

What is your favorite thing about being an SLP?

My favorite thing about being an SLP is when a child connects and has that “aha” moment!

What is the product that you consider your “MOST WANTED”?

My most wanted activities are the Articulation activities.  They contain stories, lessons, and games for each sound.

What is your favorite product to use for therapy?

I have two favorites: One is a DVD called “Sounds like Fun”.  It contains demonstrations of how parents can practice sound development with their children.  It contains a booklet and articulation cards.  My other favorite is “Greetings in a Bag”.  Originally this was a bag filled with stationary, various shapes and directions to complete 4 cards.  The directions contained basic concepts and vocabulary.

What words of advice would you give an SLP newbie? 

I would tell a newbie to 1. Think about what the child’s strengths and weaknesses are. 2. Problem solve how to get there.  3. Give them many opportunities to practice their skills.

What is your “go-to” treatment technique? 

My go-to treatment is utilizing a multi-sensory approach with modeling.

If you weren’t an SLP what would you be? 

I always wanted to be an SLP (on my 32nd year!)  I might consider Neurology because the brain is fascinating.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

I would love to travel to Ireland and Great Britain to soak up the history!

Wow!  So excited to see how accomplished this SLP is.  Keep up the great work Speech Fairy.  If you want to see other products that she has created head on over to her vendor store here.

I wonder who next months Vendor of the Month will be.  To become a VOM you must have

  • at least 5 products uploaded to your Speechtivities vendor store
  • be an active blogger and/or contributor to the SLP field and
  • be a maker of creative, functional and useful Speech Therapy products.  

Is that  YOU!!