Articulation Mouth Coloring BUNDLE – S, SH, TH, L, G, B, V and R


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These Coloring pages are perfect for teaching articulation!

Each “Mouth” fits a full page, they’re easy to see and color. These are meant to be simple and to the point.

Print them out and have them on hand.

Compare the easy to see mouths so kids can learn the difference between sounds, like:

Th for S,
B for V,
S for Sh

(/s/ and “th”, /b/ and /v/ or /s/ and “sh.”)

These mouths have been very useful for students who are trying to articulate these sounds. I make sure to consistently give each new speech articulation therapy student one of these sheets, so that they learn from the beginning that our mouth, tongue, teeth and air look and move differently for each sound.

I hung all of these sounds up on the wall near our therapy table, so students can easily and readily compare mouth placements for the sound they are learning. I’ve even “caught” many students looking up at the “Mouths,” while waiting for their turn in group therapy, studying and mouthing all of the sounds on their own. 🙂

Point to the parts of the mouth as you teach articulation. As I hold up both the “th” and /s/ pages, I say things like “Put your tongue out for TH, air is soft and flows like mist, but for S, close your teeth and let the air flow straight between your two front teeth.” I make sure they understand the difference between the two, focusing on the teeth, lips, tongue and airflow.

Then, I hand out the coloring page and ask them to carefully color all the parts: lips, tongue, teeth and air.

You can have them repeat the sound as they color, if they can produce it at the isolation level.

In a group session, I have the kids color in between turns.

Once the images are colored, I save them for further sessions so that I can point to specific parts on their drawing to remind them which part of their mouth needs to be adjusted.

After they can produce the sound, they can take their “Mouth” home and hang it up to remind them to practice at home, allowing for generalization.

This bundle contains 8 pages with the following 8 sounds:
S, L, Sh, Th, G, B, V, R!
/s/, /l/, “sh”, “th”, /g/, /b/, /v/ /r/

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