Carryover Calendar for Word Endings


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The Carryover Calendar is a great resource for parents to help their child practice their word endings over extended breaks or summer vacation. The Carryover Calendar for Word Endings package includes the Calendar, Bingo cards for past-tense word endings and present-progressive word endings, Nursery Rhymes containing various word endings, Word Lists for various word endings, and a Word Sort activity.
The Calendar gives 30 suggestions for daily activities where you can practice with your child focusing on recognizing superlatives. Activities range from reciting a nursery rhyme and identifying the target word endings, singing songs that have the target word ending, reading a short story and identifying word endings, playing games such as Bingo, or a card game such as Go Fish. Some activities involve correcting a sentence to use the word ending.
The Nursery Rhymes pages, Word List pages, Bingo Cards, and Word Sort pages are included as resources for the calendar. 18 pages

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