Cognitive Communication Evaluation


Product Description

This cognitive communication evaluation is a quick and easy assessment for medical speech-language pathologists working in the adult and geriatric community. Especially useful for new graduates and clinical fellows, this tool will guide you to write functional and appropriate goals for your all of your patients.

Use is intended for new patient evaluations to help SLPs get a quick and accurate baseline (identifying strengths & weaknesses) of cognitive-communication skills. This 17-page packet includes: a case history and prior level of function form, assessment subsections in the domains listed below, stimulus forms, directions, and scoring sheet.

Assessment subsections included:

Case history (HPI, PLOF – living setting, assistance level, daily cog demands)
Auditory comprehension (Pointing, Yes/No questions, 1-, 2-, and complex commands, conversation)
Verbal expression (Automatic speech, phrase completion, repetition, confrontational/divergent/convergent/responsive naming, sentence formulation)
Written expression (Words, personal info, functional messages, clock drawing)
Reading comprehension (Recognition, word/phrase to picture matching, paragraph comp, functional reading)
Cognition (immediate/delayed/recent/distant memory, functional money management/calculating coins/making change, problem solving/safety awareness, sequencing, organization, orientation)

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