Deductive Reasoning for teletherapy-15 Cornish people


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This is a 4 page powerpoint designed to be used online very much like a barrier game. Instructions for use:
1 .Pull up the PPT in reading or slide show view and screen share it with your client.
2. If your system allows, pull up your own so that you each can mark the page without the other seeing.
3. Tell your client to choose one of the Cornish people by its grid location and you do the same. Do not tell which one is yours. Be sure you both write them down if you are likely to forget.
4. Take turns asking YES/NO questions to help you eliminate until you have it narrowed down to one. Examples of questions:
Is it a man?
Does he have a beard?
Is she in a color photograph?
Based on the answers, each of you will continue to eliminate (deduce) until you arrive at the best guess. The goal is to guess it first.
5. If you can do so on your system you can cross out the ones you are eliminating right on the screen. Each of you should ideally do this separately.
6. Measure success by counting how many questions it takes to make a correct guess. Start with the 10 men free download and progress to the more difficult ones as the student improves. The “F” number on the title page will always indicate how many pictures are in that lesson.

Goals which this exercise meets:
a. The student will deduce which avatar is identified in X steps or less with 90% accuracy over 2 sessions, where the field is 15
b. The student will formulate questions whose answers will successfully discriminate between figures with 90% accuracy over 2 sessions where the field is 15
c. The student will maintain focused attention for the duration of the deduction problem, (then name a time length you think is appropriate)

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