Feed Maxi!


Product Description

Feed Maxi! is a fun app designed to enhance receptive, expressive and pragmatic language skills in toddlers, preschoolers, children with special needs, and young English language learners. Children feed Maxi, an adorable, hungry monkey during a highly motivating, interactive game featuring Sign Language, HD graphics & 3D animations. Feed Maxi! helps to improve the following speech and language skills: expressive vocabulary, receptive vocabulary, picture identification, following directions, problem solving, cause/effect, attention span, visual tracking skills, categorization skills, fine motor control/pointing skills, pragmatic language skills including recurrence, requesting, rejection, choice making & commenting as well as emergent literacy skills. Feed Maxi! provides over 80 realistic pictures of food items in five categories: Fruits, Vegetables, Protein/Dairy, Grains/Misc. and Snacks. The app is fully customizable. Features include settings for data collection for up to 5 children with email capability to send results, the ability to turn voice prompts, text, sound effects & statistics on or off, the ability to select specific food items as well as food categories and the ability to select the desired level of play: easy, moderate or difficult. You can download Feed Maxi! on the App Store using the following link:

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