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This bundled product contains the Fluency Survival Pack and Fluency Fun: A Game For Young Stutterers. The two products combined include a total of 78 pages. The descriptions for both products are listed below:

Fluency Survival Pack –> This is the ultimate fluency pack. It has EVERYTHING!!! It has materials to target stuttering goals for children as young as preschool, all the way up to high school. Here’s a peek into all that’s included:

-A fluency goal bank.
-A handout with tips for parents of young children who stutter.
-Steps for smooth speech poster.
-“Speech buddy” characters.
-TONS of worksheets: saying words slowly (4 pages), saying sentences slowly (3 pages), prolonging the first syllable of a word (5 pages), compare/contrast pictures (2 pages), identifying feelings associated with stuttering, fluency fear hierarchy (example page), blank fluency fear hierarchy worksheet, personal fluency goals, speech strategies list, student fluency log (example page), student fluency log (for tracking outside of the therapy room), therapist data collection sheet, identifying the location of constriction/tension (2 pages), producing stop sounds (/p/,/b/,/k/,/g/,/t/,/d/) with tense and relaxed musculature (3 pages), producing fricatives (/f/,/v/,/s/, /z/,/sh/,/th/,/h/) with tense and relaxed musculature (4 pages), practice with light articulatory contact (2 pages), practice with cancellations
practice with pullouts, and conversation starters to work on fluency at the conversation level.
-A parent letter with listed techniques/strategies and space to write individualized recommendations.
-Descriptions of commonly used fluency enhancing strategies & fluency modification techniques.
-10 homework pages for practice with light articulatory contact, pullouts, and cancellations.

Fluency Fun: A Game for Young Stutterers –> This game provides opportunities for the student to practice evaluating and monitoring the rate and smoothness of speech. There are 48 cards with one of four different possibilities listed: say it smooth, say it bumpy, say it fast, and say it slow. There are little icons (great for the non-reader or those needing visual cues) next to the written possibility. The icons represent the following:

turtle = smooth / frog = bumpy
race car = fast / snail = slow

The game can be played where the student is evaluating the smoothness/rate of someone’s speech or where they are practicing manipulating the rate and smoothness of their own speech.

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