Go Fish for /ɚ/ and /ə/ minimal pairs


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1. Standard go fish game-print two sets and deal 3 cards to each person and put the deck in the middle. Each person must ask for the matching card. This is a great way to work on the difference between the vocalic /r/ and the schwa. These are the best approximations I could find to get close to what we hear these kids say. This approach really helps them realize that they are saying something different (cone) when they think they are saying “corn”

2. Memory game-place all cards face down on table and each person takes turns choosing two to make matches. This is the ideal context to practice the sound at the word level.

3. Collect ‘em: Using a shuffled deck, the therapist says “I’ll show you a card, and you say the word that on the picture. If you get it, you keep the card, if not, I keep it.” You can score it by counting cards or matching pairs.

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  • Stacey

    I love this set for working on discriminating and producing vocalic /r/ words. It appears to be missing one of the words, “heart.” Could you add it please? It would be easy enough to make one, but for the price it would be nice not to have to. Thank you!