Labor Day Letters, Literacy & Crafts: Learn About Community Workers!


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This useful unit contains 9 different read, write, and identify letter units. All of the units feature a community worker with a name that starts with one of the targeted letters of either: c, d, f, g, m, n, p, t, or v

We have also provided two useful and fun classroom or therapy room activities.

1) Color or just cut out a colorful community worker face to make a paper plate community worker mask.
2) Match the picture of the community worker to their job description with the: Guess Who Activity Cards.

This unit will supply you with a great deal of worksheets for articulation practice for sounds in the initial position of c, d, f, g, m, n, p, t, or v words. It would also be a terrific unit to have for advancing letter understanding, writing, reading and identifying!

Increased literacy and articulation will advance while your students learn about the community workers around us that help the world run smoothly with their important jobs. Overall, we think that this unit would be a great learning experience for any pre-k or kindergarten student and we hope that you love the download once you make it.

We hope that this unit exceeds your expectations and we welcome any and all comments and feedback here or sent via email. We can be reached at:

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