lang GF rhy k-1
lang gf rhy k1

Language Go Fish for rhymes PreK-1


Product Description

Use this set of 12 cards in the standard GO FISH format to develop language skills for rhyming. This 8 page download contains high quality, crisp illustrations which are geared for preschool/kinder non-readers. Also included are a daily score sheet and performance summary so you can keep track of each student’s progress over time. Just print these out either in color or in black and white, Cut into 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inch cards, attach to card stock, laminate if desired and off you go! I print them directly onto cardstock to save a step. Also great to give to parents and students for home and summer work. Developed and tested by Speech Pathologists in the schools. Ideas for use:

1. Standard go fish game-deal 3 cards to each person and put the deck in the middle. Each person must ask for a rhyming word for what they actually have. So, if you have a bug, then you must ask for “something that rhymes with bug” or for the rug (if you know the deck that well). Younger kids will need some training which is where the actual learning happens!

2. Memory game-place all cards face down on table and each person takes turns choosing two to make matches. Encourage expressive discussion of what are possible rhymes as you guess and pick cards.

3. Collect ‘em: Using a shuffled deck, the therapist says “I’ll show you a card, and you give me another word that rhymes with what I say. If you get it, you keep the card, if not, I keep it.” They keep the card if they give ANY rhyming word. Whoever has the most at the end wins.

Printing tips: You have a couple options for making these into cards. They are sized to be the same as a standard playing card.
1. you can print them onto paper and glue them onto index cards, cut to size and laminate.
2. you can print them directly onto card stock and laminate.
3. my favorite is to print them on the AVERY Internet shipping labels (#48330). Then you just peel them off, affix to card and laminate. This way you can color code them by choosing different colors of index cards for different sets and all edges are securely fixed on the card, something I have not yet mastered with Elmers glue!

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