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March Madness Articulation


Product Description

March Madness Articulation
A College Basketball-Themed Speech and Language Activity. Great for students who love sports. Students will practice their articulation sounds in basketball-related words, as well as shoot some baskets of their own!

This Packet Includes:
–Basketball Articulation Word List (/r/, /s//z/, /th/, /ch/, /dg/, /sh/, /l/)
–24 Action Cards (eight 1-point cards, sixteen 2-point cards, and eight 3-point cards)
–Choose direction by student’s present level (word level, phrase level, sentence level)
–8 Gameplay cards (for play as a card game: “lose a turn” or “two free throws”)
–8 Blank Action Cards

Suggestions for use:
–Print, laminate, and cut apart the action cards.
–Create background knowledge about basketball by asking students what they know—about the rules, teams, general trivia, etc.
–The SLP/teacher/student draws a card from the pile and reads the action and point value.
–Choose the appropriate level for your student (word, phrase, sentence)
–If the student accurately completed the task, s/he earns the amount of points noted on the card.
–If the student selects one of the Gameplay cards, follow the directions on the card (lose a turn, two free throws)
–Either after each turn OR after the scores are tallied at the end, allow students to take the corresponding number of “free throws” (paper “basketballs” into the wastebasket, small basketball into suction-cup hoop, etc)
–The student who makes the most shots is the “NCAA Tournament Winner”!

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