Monthly Caseload Manager for Speech Therapy (editable/digital)


Product Description

Look no further. This is the complete tool for managing your caseload. It has several sheets that will track all the details of your caseload:

Masterlist (all the IEP specific data and demographic data, Medicaid, etc)
Daily Tracker (for keeping track of each session time, type, and non therapy services)
Admin Log (for reporting your therapy hours to administrators every month)
Kindergarten screenings (who, which screening, pass/fail/monitor)
Dismissed students
Language Sampling Analysis
AND an Annual Report

It will accomodate 100 students and all of the above sections calculate automatically. You just put your students ID, your work hours, and the therapy hours. All the rest will automatically calculate itself!

This tool is useful for traditional school settings, charter schools, private practice, contracting with schools and teletherapy. Its flexible for those that work from 1-5 days a week in an educational setting. It is set up for monthly tracking.

Use it on your laptop, desktop or iPad-any device that can access Google Drive! Change the settings for the sheet to access it offline if you want to take it to a location where there is no wifi. It will sync when wifi is available. All of this is available when you access the Google sheets form of the database.

The database will keep track of each piece of data that you are currently keeping on several other sheets (handwritten and digital). The best part is the Annual Report. This report is AUTOMATICALLY populated so that at the end of the year you know how many kids were served, how many hours delivered, how many individual and group hours, how many students served by eligibility category, and more. It will print on one sheet for you to give to your administrator at years end.

Click here to see a short tutorial that will show you what it can do for you.

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