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I use these boards all year long in my therapy sessions! They can stand alone as well as are a great supplement/visual to incorporate into any therapy session for your students working on articulation/phonology goals. Do you have mixed speech/language groups? These are a great go-to to incorporate articulation into your language activities in a meaningful way that supports the CCSS. My students love them.

This 88 page download includes:

I Can Statement Poster containing Common Core Standards

Activity Board Suggestions

18 Phonemes included:
/m/(2 levels),
/t/(2 levels),
/d/(2 levels),
/k/(2 levels),
/f/(2 levels),
/s/(2 levels),
/z/(2 levels),
“j”(2 levels),
/sh/(2 levels),

Each Phoneme includes:
1. Phonological Awareness Sound Board(s) with grapheme spelling patterns . Several phonemes contain multiple levels in order to differentiate teaching to limit grapheme spelling choices. For example, /k/ Level 1: c, k, -ck; Level 2: c, k, -ck, ch, -que

2. Phonological Awareness Board(s) for students to write words that contain targeted phoneme. Levels are consistent with phonological awareness sound boards.

3. Phonological Awareness Activity Cards to hole punch/stamp as students hear a word (or can be used for correct productions) containing the targeted phoneme within a shared reading/language activity. A take home card indicating skills/standards/phoneme addressed is attached to facilitate communication between the home and school environments. When sound boards are leveled/differentiated, activity cards follow the same levels for consistency.

Phonological Awareness Board Activity Suggestions:

– Have students place a bingo chip, pinto bean, thematic trinket, small snack etc. on photo with each production of targeted phoneme heard throughout shared reading/language activity (more than one chip/token can be placed on each square)

– On the phonological awareness board containing words, have students place a chip/token on the square after each correct production of the word that is written.

– Students can use bingo dabbers on photos to mark productions that they hear.

– Use a drawing app on your iPad to have students use virtual paint dabbers to mark productions that they hear or write words containing targeted phonemes.

– Same concept as above, only use the smart board!

– On the phonological awareness board containing words, take a photo/screen shot of a completed phonological awareness board containing words and use it as a background on the “Create Dice Lite” app on your iPad. Create a dice that either has student names (whose turn it will be), various levels (word/phrase/sentence/etc.) or numbers (targeted number of productions) to determine what the task will be for the word that the dice land on. The possibilities on this (FREE!) app are endless.

– Send a copy of boards home with students to complete during reading activities at home.

– Boards can be used within the regular classroom setting with ALL students to reinforce/review phonemes that have been introduced as well as support the IEP goals of students in speech-language therapy. Use during teacher read aloud or create a classroom spelling dictionary!

– Boards allow mixed articulation/language groups to target multiple goals at the same time within the same activity and allows for multiple repetitions while incorporating literacy in a fun, engaging way that accesses the curriculum and utilizes phonological awareness to enhance carryover.

-The possibilities for use are truly endless, especially given the amazing creativity that I witness from educators that inspire me each and every day. I am confident that you could think of many more to add to this list! If you choose to use this product, please review it and add your great adaptations to inspire others! We are all in this together! 🙂

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All rights of this product are reserved to the author and remain the intellectual property of Desiree Rusch-Winterbottom, M.A. CCC-SLP. Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only. Permission to copy for single classroom use only. Duplication or sharing with other co-workers, school systems or posting on any website or blog violates copyright law. A single printed copy may be utilized in a lending library. By downloading this product you agree to the terms of use. Thank you for understanding.

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