Pirate Pronouns – Early Language Activities with a Pirate Theme


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This super cute Pirate Pronoun Packet was created by Mindy Stenger, M.A., CCC-SLP (The Speech Bucket). It includes early language activities which target the following concepts: pronouns (he, she, and they), prepositions (on, under, behind, between, and in front of), and sentence structure (in oral and written forms using is/are).

Page 1 – Cover Page

Pages 2 – 6 target identifying correct pronouns by sorting the pirates (e.g., “She is a girl”; “He is a boy”; they are pirates). There are two sorting boards and 18 picture cards (6 – girl, 6 – boy, 6 – pirates).

Pages 7 – 11 target identifying the correct pronouns by filling-in-the-blanks on each card. This set also targets prepositions within the sentences and pictures.

Pages 12 – 15 target written language. These pages are writing prompts, which ask the student to fill in the correct pronoun and continue the story with their own sentence.

Page 16 – Credits

Page 17 – TOU and Copyright Info

Check out the preview for more pictures.

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