Pronouns Worksheet He / She – Grammar


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Super fast and simple way to teach pronouns, creating a strong foundation for further lessons. No more incorrect grammar like, “Her is going to the park”! Print, copy and save this worksheet. Have student color the pictures as nicely as they can, while you teach the difference between who is called she/he.

I have my kids color each character nicely, repeating ” he” or “she” as they work on each one. Then they cut out the he and she squares and I mix them up so they have to figure out where each one goes (if they can’t read, tell them what each card says).

Then, I have them cut down the center vertically so they end up with the boy with the word ‘he’ under it and the girl with the word ‘she’ under it.

I like to then use a sentence strip with the words, “____ is ______ing.” I put a picture of a verb (like a person eating) in the second blank spot, and they have to decide if it’s a boy or girl first. Then they choose which of their newly cut and colored characters should go in the first blank spot. They put the correct one with the word he or she right on the first blank line on the sentence strip, and together we read out loud, “He is eating,” as we point to each word.

Soon, they will do it without much help at all!

I keep the colored characters so we can do this activity repeatedly. And they love it because its their own art!


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