Roll and Color – Back to School and Fall Themed Articulation and Language Reinforcers

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This packet includes 15 basic Roll and Color (or cover) Articulation and Language skills reinforcement worksheets. These worksheets can be used in a number of ways. I have used these in individual sessions, small groups, and for carryover practice at home. Give the student a single dice to roll. Once they roll and get a number – then, give them their target sound or skill (for articulation I’ll use sound lists, sound cards and/or target sentence sheets – for language I’ll use vocabulary words in sentences, complete sentences, pronouns and/or prepositions in sentences, etc…). They have to use their target skill as many times as rolled then they can fill in the number of pictures rolled or they can fill in one picture per turn. With a small group I like to make it a competition, whoever gets their sheet filled in first gets an extra sticker! My students LOVE these sets and I’m sure yours will too!

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