Ross and Spencer A cards


Product Description

If you use the Ross and Spencer Aphasia Rehabilitation book with your aphasic patients, you will LOVE these cards. The cards that you make yourself from the back of the book are primitive and hand drawn. There is no reason in this day and age to NOT use color, crisp, engaging illustrations instead of the black and white hand drawn cards. This is the A card set, the ones that I use almost all the time. I’ve never needed the B cards, but if somebody wants those, I’ll make them.

Print on white cardstock and laminate for best results. I printed the names of the items in large font on the back (not included in this download) before I laminated them.

If you don’t know about Ross and Spencer, its an old book that has scads of receptive and expressive exercises all organized hierarchically. Its my speech bible and I use it with severe to mild aphasic patients ALL the time.

Its not in print anymore but you can get it from Amazon. Its worth its weight in gold if you are working regularly with aphasic patients, inpatient, outpatient and home health. Its easy to grab and go and you will always be prepared for a session with this book in your hands!

So go ahead, buy these cards, get the book and be ready for your next session with our dear aphasic patients!

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