Speech Jokes for Articulation, Voice, Language and Fluency


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I have to admit; this is my FAVORITE thing to do with speech students! It is a super FUN way to practice articulation, voice, language and fluency all at the same time with students of all ages? Telling jokes is an ideal way to practice speech sounds, to learn figurative language (such as homophones, homonyms, phonological awareness, etc.) and to exercise good voice and fluency strategies. These jokes are divided into one full page for each of the following phonemes: /r/, /s and z/, /sh and ch/, and /th/ (voiced and voiceless).
This reproducible has 120 humorous jokes (30 jokes per set) that will have your students giggling! Just have them pick their favorite jokes, highlight their sound and practice telling the joke using their best speech. Students love going around the school telling jokes to staff! Parents enjoy this unique way to engage with their child in practicing speech at home!

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Elementary, Articulation, Expressive Language, Fluency, Phonological Awareness, Receptive Language, Voice and Resonance

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