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Packet Includes:
• 26 Common Core Vocabulary Planks (each plank contains 10 common core vocabulary terms)
• 18 Sight Word Planks
• 15 Blank Planks that You can Customize to Fit Your Needs with Curricular Terms, Spelling Lists, Vocabulary, etc. or to use with students at the isolation level
• Number Planks to assist in counting repetition of target sounds/words
• 18 Sight Word Lists
• Pirates to move along as students “Talk the Plank”
• “I Can” poster
• I Can Board that students can use to attach their plank to, if desired

Talk the Plank is an Articulation activity that is a combination of the two packets derived from Common Core Vocabulary words and Sight words. The common core vocabulary portion is sorted by phoneme/position within the word and grade level for Kindergarten-2nd grade. Phonemes included within the common core portion of the packet are:
Kindergarten: /k/, /g/, /f/, /v/, /l/, /s/, /z/, /r/, /th/
First Grade: /k/, /g/, /f/, /v/, /l/, /s/, /z/, /r/
Second Grade: /sh/, /th/, /r/, /vocalic r/ , /s/, /z/
Phonemes within the Sight word portion are: /k/,/g/, /f/, /v/, /l/, /s/, /z/, /sh/, /ch/, /th/, pre- and post- vocalic/r/ (er, or, ar, air).

The packet also includes:
– Pirates which can be attached to clothespins, paperclips, binder clips, etc. to travel down your planks
– “I Can” poster to display in your therapy room during your session to increase student awareness of therapy goals
– “I Can” Activity board that can be incorporated into the therapy activity to call attention to therapy goals/ correlation to core curriculum
– Blank Articulation Planks to customize to your specific student needs with their spelling words, common articulation words, district vocabulary, etc.

Print out on cardstock. Cut out each “plank” (strip) to allow for practice of common core vocabulary words in groups of ten to simplify your data collection. You may choose to produce multiple copies to allow students to have their own copies or allow students to share with one another. The planks can be used as an activity by themselves or incorporated into your existing activities in lieu of articulation cards. We all have a wonderful repertoire of cards in our inventory so it is a welcome alternative for our students when we utilize a new medium for them to target their articulation goals. One aspect that I like about the planks is that it allows the students the freedom of structured choices so that they may choose which targeted word they produce, should they desire, empowering them in their therapy sessions and allowing them to take on a proactive role. Students are offered multiple repetitions of targeted phonemes within core curriculum vocabulary which they will be expected to learn and articulate within the classroom which will increase their exposure/familiarity to the vocabulary. This increases speech intelligibility (and confidence) with curricular terms within the classroom setting which directly correlates with the educational impact of their speech-language disability.

Activity Ideas/Variations:
Students can cover words with accent gems, bingo chips, coins, etc. as they “talk” down their plank.

Attach/glue the included characters to clothes pins and have the student move their character down the plank as (s)he talks the plank (and even fall of onto the carpeted sea below at the end)! You can have students Velcro the printed planks onto paint stirrers for extra stability if desired.

As an extension activity, paint X’s on a 2×4 (see photo) or place masking tape X’s on the floor for students to travel along as they talk the plank.

Students roll a die to see how many times they have to say each word as they talk the plank.

A number line is also included if students would like a visual to count productions.

A blank pirate plank is included to formulate your customize planks to meet your students’
individual needs (great for curricular vocabulary, spelling words, isolation practice, customized word lists, etc).

Paperclip the plank to the bottom of the pirate scene and have your character talk the plank while your student can view his/her “I Can” statement.

Common core vocabulary terms are color coded to indicate position of phoneme within the word and increase student awareness to allow for independent use.

Color coding follows the following key: green=initial position; yellow=medial; red=final (It follows the pattern of a traffic light. Green = we “go” at the sound, yellow= we “slow down” to say our sound in the middle of the word and red= we “stop” at our target sound).

I am more than happy to update and add to this product so please feel free to email me any suggestions that you may have. If you would like me to customize it to meet your needs, please just let me know and I would be happy to do so. Thank you so very much. I hope that your students enjoy “talking the plank” as much as mine have! 🙂

Reviews of this product include:
I have a literature-based pirate materials but this is great for artic for mixed groups. This activity is well thought out and gives ideas for modifications. I bought both the vocabulary and sight words to prevent the “We’ve done this already!” ~ Diane. O.

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