The Invisible String Speech and Language Pack


Product Description

The Invisible String is a heart-warming story about how we are all connected to the people we love, no matter how far apart we may be. Your students will enjoy this story of love and connection, and they will also love these speech and language activities to accompany the book!

This Packet Includes:
Articulation Word List (page 5)
Articulation Practice Page (page 6)
String of Synonyms Worksheet (page 7)
Always Connected Antonyms Worksheet (page 8)
Heart Spatial Activity (page 9-16)
EET Worksheet for Heart (page 17-19)
Invisible String Craft Ideas (page 20-23)
Invisible String Open-ended Game Board (page 24-25)

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under $5, Elementary, Middle School, Articulation, Auditory Processing, Basic Concepts, Book Companions, Describing Skills, Expressive Language, Listening and Auditory Processing, Receptive Language, Vocabulary