The Three Billy Goats Board Game

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Speech Therapy: Game Board to use in therapy after reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Use each turn in the game as a reinforcer for any goal you are targeting. For articulation goals, I like have the students say a “magic word” (a word/phrase with their sound) to cross the bridges in this game. If you don’t say the stimulus correctly, the troll will chase you back to the start! Whoever reaches the grassy field first is the winner!

I have provided a deck of /g/ cards for this game as well as a blank sheet of articulation cards for you to make decks for other sounds. The goats on the card tell the student the “password” for each turn. Have the student tell you where they hear the /g/ in each word (beginning, middle, or end).

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  • Rebecca Amblo

    We love reading this story in our preK class. Thanks for the freebie. It’s great.