Vocalic R MAtch It Quick

Vocalic R – Match It Quick


Product Description

Speech Therapy for vocalic /r/: This game is very popular among students. Each card has eight pictures containing a vocalic /r/. There is ALWAYS one matching picture on any two cards and ONLY one. Have the students race to spot and name the matching picture. Whoever names the match first, gets both cards. The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner. This game has 55 cards to print and laminate. Enjoy!

There are 57 different vocalic R words in this game:
acorn, anchor, arrow, butterfly, ear, circle, farmer, barn, bird, corn, feather, car, giraffe, fire, mermaid, Earth, dinosaur, iron, clover, airplane, flower, heart, hammer, horse, helicopter, cards, hamburger, skateboard, deer, orange, turkey, shirt, spider, carrot, teddy bear, purse, tiger, unicorn, ruler, star, strawberry, paperclips, scissors, teacher, tire, shark, turtle, fork, soccer, paper, watermelon, chair, cherries, and squirrel.

Written words: art, R

A word and picture list is included for you to review vocabulary with the students before beginning the game.

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