Week to week planner/scoresheet for SLP’s


Product Description

Do you ever want to make a note to yourself to be SURE and do a certain activity the following week with one of your students or clients or patients? Do you have a bunch of sticky notes and papers with random notes to remind you….but they get lost? ME TOO!! I created these 4 sheets on which you can do three things for either individuals or groups: 1. keep track of/score goals and responses 2. track % correct and 3. make a note for the activity/goal/website that you want to do with them in your next session. There are 4 customizable sheets, one for individuals and one each for groups of 2, 3 and 4. This is also a great way to easily keep track of different children’s responses when you have small groups. No flipping from screen to screen or paper to paper.
I often find I need this kind of form for my teletherapy sessions and so I put the ppt or website that I want to share/use in our next session on this form. This way I pick up right where I left off and it feels so much more seamless for both teletherapy and in person sessions. I do it by hand but you could easily use these as templates and keep them digitally. This way you could quickly use the link you want if its a website or a document you want to share.
The thumbnail you see is the sheet for 3 students. The others are exactly the same but have fewer (for 1-2 students) or more (for 4 students) columns.

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