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So many kids I work with have trouble answering WH questions. I might ask, “Where do you sleep?” and they will say “Blue”. Or I might ask, “Who delivers your mail?” and they will answer “Mailbox”. These types of students often have trouble matching the WH word to their respective answers.

This interactive book will help teach your students how to answer WH questions. You students will learn that “who” means a person, “where” means a place, and “what” means a thing. They will be practicing this skill with simple pictures, practicing everything in the here and now instead of answering hypothetical questions!

How does this book work?
Each page has a scene with a person and thing in it. For example, page 1 has shows a library with a detective and a dog. Below each picture is a sentence strip with three interactive, Velcro ready boxes. For example (who) is in (where) with (what). Your students will find the correct “who” icon card and stick it to the “who” space (e.g. detective) and continue with where and what. Then, the sentence strip will describe the picture (e.g. A detective is in the library with a dog.)

Included is:
-24 scene pages
-8 backgrounds, 8 people, 8 items that rotate throughout
-24 icons for each place, person, and thing
-icon storage page
-leveled directions
-introduction pages (for teaching) including sorting and directions for the students
-who, what, when, where, why, and how icons
-example questions for why, how, and when
-4 bonus pages with smaller pictures and the “who”, “what”, or “where” icons randomized to make sure your students understand!

You will need a binder, lamination, and Velcro to assemble. Or, use a binding machine.

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To see more pictures/example pages and other ideas to teach WH questions, check out my blog post about this item here

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