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Thanks for stopping by! Are your students as excited by the latest craze as mine are? This unit will help channel all of that foxy energy into your speech sessions as you answer the burning question, what does a fox say? Why, speech sounds (while utilizing fantastic language) of course!

This unit includes a comprehensive book companion for Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss as well as foxy activities that can stand alone. Capitalize on the moment of the fox craze with a unit that will stick around for years and years to come. After all, when “What does a Fox Say” joins “Who Let the Dogs Out”, Dr. Seuss will still be around. It’s pretty safe to say he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! Please download the preview above to obtain a sampling of the activities that are included in the packet.

Page 1: Cover
Page 2-3: Product Description
Pages 4-19: Individual storyboards to encourage phonemic awareness of targeted speech sound during literacy activities. Sounds included: /p, b, t, d, f, v, k, g, l, s, z, r, sh, ch, j, th/
Pages 20-35: Individual Phoneme Boards for students to use to cover each time a correct sound production is made. Boards can be used with cards included in this packet, during shared story activity, or adapted to meet your individual needs. Level of mastery is left open ended so it can be used at the isolation, word, phrase or sentence level.
Page 36: Carryover/Homework Page- What Does Your Fox Say?
Pages 36-37: Comprehension Cards corresponding to Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss
Pages 39-80: Articulation Cards derived from Fox in Socks vocabulary
Pg. 39 /p/
Pg. 40-42 /b/
Pg. 43-45 /t/
Pg. 46-47 /d/
Pg. 47-48 /g/
Pg. 49-53 /k/
Pg. 54-55 /f/
Pg. 55 /v/
Pg. 56-60 /l/
Pg. 61-62 /s/
Pg. 63-67 /z/
Pg. 68-70 /th/
Pg. 70-71 /sh, ch/ (minimal sh)
Pg. 72-74 /r/ and /vocalic r/
Pg. 75-80 Blends
Pages 81-96: Blank Phoneme Cards that can be customized with your students’ curriculum vocabulary, spelling words, etc.
Page 97: What Does a Fox Say game cards. Print multiple copies and shuffle in with your articulation cards to create a game to play with your students.
Page 98: Blank Fox Cards- use to customize or create additional language/pragmatic cards if desired.
Page 99: Blank Roll and Say
Page 100: Wh- Question Roll and Say
Page 101: Descriptive Language Roll and Say
Pages 102-117: Articulation Roll and Say
Included phonemes: /p, b, t, d, k, g, f, v, l, s, z, th, ch, r, l blends, r blends/
Pages 118-124: Irregular Verb Tense Strips (2 per page)- Cut each page in half, laminate (or copy) and have students determine past and future tense of verb indicated
Pages 125-126: Speech bubble activities
Page 127: “I Can” Statement Poster with Common Core Standards
Page 128: Game board
Page 129: Game Pieces
Page 130: Recipe for Blue Goo with Visuals
Page 131: Credits

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Reviews from product users:
“The amount of material for the price is AMAZING! Can’t wait to use this with my little ones, I know they will LOVE IT! I also love that it allows for maximal target of both speech and language objectives through the different activities- as I know we all try to make every minute count trying to collect data for progress reports. =)” ~ Kristen V.

“My students will have a lot of fun with this one! Thanks for including several different targets within this packet.” ~ Diane O.

“My students LOVE this!”

“Super cute concept. Very comprehensive. Able to use year round. Thanks!”

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