Your Inner Coach: A Social Skills Lesson


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The Critic and the Coach are your two inner voices. This pack includes 6 activities for kids to learn positive self talk and keep their inner critic at bay.

The Coach and The Critic Lesson: Pages 4-6. Print the posters or Project onto your Smart Board to introduce Your Inner Voice, Critic and Coach.

The Critic Comes Out: Pages 7-11. The Day after you introduce the “Critic” and the “Coach” play this helpful game for students to determine when their Critic Comes out. Print and laminate the situation cards and the Voting Circles. Glue a Popsicle Stick to the Back of the Yes/No Voting Circles. Read each Situation Card Have Students vote and explain why the situation makes their Critic come out. Page 11 you can make your Own Cards.

The Coach OR Critic Game: Pages 12-16. Print and laminate the Talking Cards and the Voting Circles. Glue a Popsicle Stick to the Back of the Coach/Critic Voting Circles. Read each Talking Card Have Students vote and Describe if it is the Critic or Coach. Be careful sometimes the Critic is very Tricky and some cards could be the coach or the Critic. Discuss what you think about each Taking card. Page 16 you can make your Own Cards.

What Would The Coach Say? (Worksheets): Pages 17-18. Students are given Eight Critical Statements They get the chance to Fix Each one by Generating their own Coach Sayings. Print and Follow the Directions on the Pages.

What Is Your Coach Like: Page 19. How does your Inner Coach Look? What is your Inner Coach Like? When Do they Help? Students answer these questions and Describe it to the Group.

Inner Coach Cards: Pages 20-23. These Cards Can Be Used in a Jar and Pulled out when a student needs a pick-me-up. These also can be used on a binder ring and students can flip through them when their inner Critic gets the best of them. Page 23 you can make your Own Cards.

Coaching Videos: Page 24. Use these Four videos to Reinforce your instruction.

Award: Page 25. Give out this Coach Award to students who understand their Inner Coach and how to Use their oWn positive Thoughts.

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